October 17, 2019
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Tips for Pregnant Women During the Flight

Usually, while expecting a baby, the woman enjoys a usual rhythm of life which brings her pleasure. What to do if a wonderful pastime requires a flight?

The most convenient time for flights is the first and the second trimesters of pregnancy. Before daring to fly, the future mom must visit a doctor to make sure that such a way of traveling does not harm her and the baby.

The most important thing is to overcome fear of flying. Many women experience this problem due to hormonal changes in the body. First of all, visit your GP who can prescribe a sedative. You can also visit a psychologist. This specialist will help you to choose certain relaxation methods during the flight. For example, breathe in the right rhythm.

Here are some tips how to make your trip both physically & psychologically comfortable:

  • A fairly large number of firms require a medical certificate confirming the possibility of a flight. Airlines do not want to take responsibility for possible problems with the health of the baby. Therefore, be sure to visit your doctor before air travel.
  • The most convenient place for a pregnant woman will be a chair near the aisle, because the future mother will be able to stand up at any time and have a little exercise. You should also take small orthopedic pads to help avoid the swelling of parts of the body such as the neck and lower back.
  • In the course of preparation, choose for yourself a comfortable outfit that would not restrict your movements. It is best to wear items from natural materials. Comfortable clothes and shoes are really a must. Special stockings or pantyhose for pregnant women may not look very attractive, but they really help to reduce discomfort. Linen underwear, blanket and slippers are another obligatory attribute of a successful flight.
  • Take care of insurance. You are healthy but your well-being is a special issue in this period, not only from the point of view of a future parent, but also from the position of insurance companies. When buying a traveler’s policy, make sure that obstetric costs will be compensated if necessary. Pay more: in your case, this is justified investment.
  • Check in as soon as possible, better online. It’s in your interests to get the most convenient place (most likely, the best solution will be a place at the aisle, since it is important to get up and visit the restroom frequently). On long-haul flights, you must always make some steps and warm up at least once per hour.
  • Pack your hand bag carefully. Do not forget to take some snacks, cookies and fruits. An interesting book or favorite music in your gadget will also help to relax.

As you see, this is not a rocket science at all. Just be prepared and enjoy your flight.

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