October 17, 2019
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London to Kiev Flight: Going Through Airport Security Checkpoint

Knowing how to pack is crucial if you want to go through TSA checkpoint fast and get on a plane without problems. Thousands of people have to leave their stuff at a security checkpoint because they don’t pack correctly and don’t follow the main rules established by the airport security service. Most passengers think they know how to go through TSA correctly and what they can take on board but they really don’t. That’s why going through a security checkpoint becomes a problem for some passengers.

If you don’t want to slow down the line or to get rid of some items in the luggage that are not allowed from a security perspective, prepare in advance, especially if you have a London to Kiev flight from Heathrow Airport.

TSA Security Rules

If you follow the tips below, the lines won’t actually matter at all. A few simple rules and procedures will help you avoid those lines completely and get your luggage checked literally in a few seconds.

So, how to get through TSA quickly?

  • Arrive early and have your documents ready. Don’t pack a boarding pass deep inside a carry-on bag. You’ll need it at the security checkpoint as well.
  • Don’t bring a bottle of water with you. You can have it empty or completely frozen because it is no more liquid, but never take a bottle of water as it is.
  • Prepare the items that have to go through an x-ray machine. The rules have changed recently, so it is no longer a bag with liquids and a laptop only. Everything that is larger than a smartphone has to be placed separately in the bins provided. This includes your camera, iPad, a big calculator, a blood pressure, etc. The items shouldn’t be placed on top of each other. Nothing should be under them in the bin as well.
  • Usually, your shoes and jackets or coats are going to have come off. Put them and a belt if you wear one in a plastic bin too. To save time, it is not recommended to wear a belt and a pair of lace shoes to the airport at all. Choose a pair of shoes that are easy to take off and easy to put back on.
  • Liquids have to be packed properly. You are not allowed to have more than one litre of ten containers with a capacity of one hundred millilitres.

Going through a security checkpoint fast is a matter of planning in advance. Never forget this when you pack a luggage, especially if you have a London to Kiev flight from one of the biggest airports in the world – London Heathrow Airport.

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