October 17, 2019
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How To Claim The Cheapest Air Tickets

A lot of flyers think that browsing air ticket aggregators online will get them the cheapest deals and cut on their expenses.

Nowadays air carriers make a lot of funds from the aggregators and, sometimes, sell tickets for atrociously bigger price.

You’d be surprised, but the amount of personal and general information that is taken into account before you see the price is quite huge. A lot of different aspects are considered to calculate the price especially for the customer and, predominantly, to be exactly “borderline expensive”. We have researched this issue and devised quite a few methods to avoid that and to help you claim the most convenient deals available.

  • Look for tickets on Monday or Tuesday. A lot of people start planning their trips and travels during the weekend when they have a lot of free time. Safe to say, the tickets (no matter the date of departure) will be of bigger price. Prices drop on Mondays and Tuesdays to sell the tickets that were not sold during the weekend. So next time just try comparing the same destinations during Saturday night and Tuesday morning and you will be surprised at the difference.
  • Use “Incognito Mode”. Most websites read your personal data before displaying the prices for air tickets. Mainly it reads the model of your device, hence if you are browsing from MacBook Pro – you will get higher prices for your tickets. To avoid that outrageous injustice just use the incognito mode of your browser so your personal information is untraceable by the website services.
  • Think beforehand. It might be obvious, but still – the earlier you buy your air tickets, the cheaper they are. If you purchase air tickets 6 months upfront it will much cheaper than buying it a couple of week in advance.
  • Return tickets are important. Most of the travelers do not pay much attention to this, but the main “expensiveness” of your tickets come from the return ones. When you purchase air tickets it is always a good idea to try different return dates and see how the price is being changed.
  • Transfers. Direct flights are certainly faster, but flights with transfers are much cheaper. Additionally, it is always a great idea to visit some other cities on your way to the final destination.
  • Low Costs are not that good. Usually, you will need to pay extra for everything and this might be even more expensive than just buying a ticket of general-purpose air carrier with everything included.

It is important to pay attention to all of these aspects to claim the cheapest air tickets.

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