Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hummus Bros, SoHo: New Favorite Cheap Eat in London

Hummus Bros, SoHo London Chunky Beef Hummus Falafel and Chunky Beef Hummus Falafel Hummus Chunky Beef Hummus Vegetable Salad Hummus
I am constantly amazed by how many restaurants there are in London. Correction, I am constantly amazed at how many very good to superlative restaurants there are in London. They are popping up at a rate that no food blogger, unless connected to an oligarchy with unlimited funds, could possibly visit. So, one must pick and choose accordingly.

On this particularly sunny day in London I chose Hummus Bros.

The idea is simple; produce world class Hummus and top it with a mouthwatering array of fresh ingredients. Simple yes. But the best ideas usually are. Hummus Bros is an understated joint. It reminds me of a mini cafeteria. The lines are long, but go quickly. Hungry patrons whiz past the checkout, their palates ready to get stuck into Hummus that has been perfected over the years and is, in my opinion, perfect! It's hard to pinpoint exactly why their Hummus is so lovely. Perhaps it's the precise ratio of Chickpeas to Tahini. Perhaps it's the texture, smooth and creamy and not weighed down by the oil. And definitely not grainy as most Hummus is.

Like a 1982 Saab, their Hummus just works. Toppings like Falafal, or Fresh Salad just enhance the flavor of the Hummus, it doesn't take away from it. This is worlds apart from your ordinary shop-bought Hummus.

My favorite? Chunky Beef of course!

Their menu changes often and on this occasion it was a toss up between Lamb Rogan Josh and Chunky Beef, but I've eaten more Curry lately than I care to mention. So, the Beef won out. And it was gorgeous!

I left feeling a bit like a school girl who just got a kiss from One Direction... all of them! Right now I'm all about cheap eats done really well. And Hummus Bros delivers on that order in spades!

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  1. Hi! I would like to do a post on Hummus Bros, but I don't have the photos needed. Any chance I can use one of yours, and credit/link to your blog? Many thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks so much! Ended up using two of your photos. Hope it's ok. Just published my post: Thanks again!