Monday, March 24, 2014

Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast: Our 15 Seconds of Fame!

Shaan and I Sitting Front Row Jimmy Doherty Serving Us Chris Moyles and Jimmy
Last month something amazing happened. Season 2 episode 5 of Jamie Oliver's show, Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast aired on Channel 4. What's so amazing about that? You may be asking yourself. Well, to you, dear reader, probably nothing, except it was a great episode. But to my wife and I, it marked our 15 seconds of fame in the world of food television.

You see, last year, Shaan and I were asked to go up to Southend Pier to appear as cafe guests on, what we thought was, Jamie and Jimmy's Food Fight. We spent the whole day with Jamie Oliver, Jimmy Doherty and Chris Moyles. It was a brilliant experience. One that I won't soon forget. It turned out that the show would be renamed to Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast, but the format would be little changed. Jamie and Jimmy still had their famous friends on the show and they still made exquisite food.

We had a blast hanging out with everyone and we were served course after course of very tasty food. The highlight for me was when Jamie Oliver pointed to me and said to Chris Moyles, "This is going to be the judge of your pizza man. Seriously." To which Chris said, "Really? I'm making New York style pizza and you put a guy from New York right there!" That made my day. No, it made my year!

It was such a privilege to be served food by all three of these guys. Especially Jamie Oliver, who served us quite a few times. Imagine, lamb and pizza that Jamie Oliver made with his own hands and then serving you that same food. What a special moment.

Thanks to everyone at Channel 4 for inviting us. It's a memory that will make me smile every time I think about it!

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