Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Local Taco, Lexington, Kentucky: A Chain I Actually Like!

Local Taco, Lexington Kentucky Chips and Guacamole Various Tacos at Local Taco Basket of Tacos
Anyone who reads my blog knows that I despise chain restaurants. Which is weird actually because I admire people who make successes of themselves and if a restaurant is popular enough to warrant a chain more power to the owners. However, most chain restaurants tend to be formulaic, mediocre places with lots of generic graphics and plastic food. I have very rarely found any that I truly like. Until recently.

The Local Taco in Lexington can hardly be called a chain. With it's current army of only five restaurants, The Local Taco is still small enough to care about it's customers and products. Much like Thomasina Miers, of Wahaca, my favorite chain (a whopping 13 restaurants and growing), The Local Taco has kept it simple. They have a rather petite menu with only a small number of items on it and each one is done to perfection.

Take, for instance, my basket of tacos: four delicious flour tacos lovingly placed in a basket and served with slices of lime. The tacos at The Local Taco are not the normal run of the mill, meat in a tortilla, you get at most places. They are exotic and brilliantly thought out. My favorite of the day was the Korean BBQ, made with Korean-style Beef Tenders, Sesame Seared with Asian Slaw, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Green Onion and Coriander. It was simply beautiful!

As was my wife's Southern Fried Taco with Buttermilk Fried Chicken Breast Strips, Honey Lime Mayo, Lettuce and Tomatoes. At only $2.50 a taco, we were feeling rich and had a basket of four tacos each. Some of the others we had were: Tequila Lime Chicken, Steak, Local BBQ and Smoked Brisket.

With each taco I turned to my wife and said, "I am so happy they have not brought this to England yet. I would be here every single day!"

The Local Taco is one of those rare restaurants that comes along every so often and you can't help but take notice. Everything from the freshly made tortillas, made right in front of your eyes, to the beautiful locally sourced ingredients and the exotic flavors, it's all worthy of extreme praise and almost religious idolatry.

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