Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Patty and Bun, London: Burger Nirvana

Patty and Bun, London Patty and Bun Menu Burger and Fries at Patty and Bun Lambshank Redemption Burger-Patty and Bun Ari Gold Burger-Patty and Bun Patty and Bun-Bite Me Smokey Robinson Sauce
Being that the last two of my reviews have been on London burgers joints you could be forgiven for thinking that I was a little obsessed with these meaty, juicy, intensely flavorful food items. And you would be right. I adore them and according to current research, well not research, just what I've observed, the rest of the UK is finally catching on to my love affair with the patties that reside between two buns. And, having said that, my most recent burger find is Patty and Bun just off Oxford Street.

I had heard rumors in dark, seedy corners about a burger joint so good that it brought some men to tears, Patty and Bun is that burger joint. It's not trendy like Meat Market, it's not commercial like Five Guys, it's just a down to Earth, simple burger eatery. It is In-n-Out-esque in its freshness and uniqueness.

On this occasion the ordering was simple; one: Ari Gold burger, their standard hamburger with ketchup, smokey P&B mayo, topped off with a brioche bun (as God intended burgers to have) and two: the Lambshank Redemption burger with buttermilk baby courgettes, pickled aubergines, cumin aioli, feta and again... topped with a brioche bun.

These burgers are so perfect, so deliciously, superbly constructed I can only think I've gone to burger Nirvana when I taste one. Quite simply, they are everything a great burger should be and nothing it shouldn't.

If you can't take a trip to the West Coast of the U.S. to visit the holy grail of burger joints; In-n-Out, visit Patty and Bun and see what a perfect burger should taste like.

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