Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shake Shack Covent Garden: This Changes Everything!

Shake Shack Covent Garden Pre-Opening Event Shake Shack Covent Garden Wine Shake Shack Covent Garden Pre-Opening
Yesterday I was invited to a pre-opening event at Shake Shack's latest, and highly anticipated opening in Covent Garden.  Having lived in New York, on 21st and 1st, right near the flagship Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, I know this burger joint quite well. I have spent numerous hours waiting in line in 90 degree Manhattan heat waiting for a bite of these lovely burgers. When I heard Shake Shack was coming to London I was more than a little excited... when I received an invite to be one of the first people in London to try their new Covent Garden location I was elated.

When I moved to the UK three years ago there were only a handful of good burgers in London and almost none elsewhere in the UK. Now there are many! Burgers are becoming what they are in the US,  damn fine things to eat. No longer are they relegated to gastronomic idiocy. I have been called many things on this blog for writing about my love of burgers and now it seems at least some of those comments will need to be withdrawn as London is clearly having a love affair with burger joints. Patty and Bun, GBK, Byron, Meat Market and now Shake Shack and Five Guys, although I am not a fan of Five Guys. I think they are over hyped just like the President who ate there in DC and attracted so much attention to the company.

Shake Shack is not my favorite burger joint, that position still lies with In-n-Out. However, Shake Shack is a close second or perhaps third. And if Patty and Bun were not around I would say I'd visit Shake Shack to get my burger fix exclusively, but I give the edge to Patty and Bun. Yesterday's meal was fantastic and the staff, mostly American, who were brought over to see a successful launch, were more than excited and very friendly. But there was something missing. My Shake Stack burger needed more sauce and the Mushrooms were tough. And I can't help but always be disappointed with their fries. I have no idea why they've adopted the crinkle cut fry, but they have and it is what it is. I wish they'd do shoe string fries, but never mind, it is a small blip on their otherwise untarnished record.

I loved my meal. I adored the fact that I was eating right in the heart of Covent Garden, where all the action is. It's my favorite part of London and I wish Shake Shack all the best. I'll see you soon!

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