Friday, June 21, 2013

Le Foundouk: A Perfect Rooftop Lunch!

Le Foundouk Menu Le Foundouk Moroccan Bread Sauce for Tagine Veg Tagine Meat Tagine Coffee
When traveling abroad it is very easy to get confused and eat in poor quality, expensive restaurants. This is not just true of glamorous places like Paris and Venice, it is also true of places like Marrakech, where restaurants appear better than they actually are and like the street kids, take advantage of you without you knowing you're being taken advantage of. So when I found Le Foundouk in a small street next to the Photography Museum (another must-see in Marrakech) I was delighted and my tastebuds have been in joyous rapture ever since.

Le Foundouk is an enormous restaurant. It spans 3 stories, with the top story opening up to a beautiful rooftop terrace. At lunch time there was literally nobody dining on the bottom 2 stories and only a handful of guests on the rooftop terrace. But I wasn't put off by that. I had heard good things from a number of sources and knew what to expect.

When the gorgeous Moroccan flat breads and accompanying Olives came out I was getting some sun on my face while I listened to the action on the street below. For a moment, while I bit into the bread, olive oil dripping from the edges, I thought, "there is no better place on Earth." I dare anyone to sit on the rooftop terrace of Le Foundouk and tell me they do not feel the same.

The Vegetable Couscous and Lamb Tagine I shared with my wife were the best representations of those dishes in all of Marrakech, except for perhaps La Grande Table Marocaine, review coming up. But unlike Le Grande Table Marocaine, our meals did not cost the same as a new Bentley GT convertible. In fact, it was the most reasonable meal I had in Marrakech, in terms of QPR (quality to price ratio) anyway.

Our meal was drowned with an industrial strength Moroccan coffee and we peeled ourselves off of our seats and very slowly made our way down to the first floor and out the ornate doors that welcome unsuspecting diners into one of the great gastronomic delights in Marrakech.

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  1. Looks and sounds fantastic. Added to the ole bucket list...