Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dojo Noodle Bar: Cambridge, Remembered.

Menu at Dojo Noodle Bar Cambridge Noodles at Dojo Noodle Bar Cambridge Noodles at Dojo Noodle Bar Cambridge IMG_667Noodles at Dojo Noodle Bar Cambridge6 Noodles at Dojo Noodle Bar Cambridge Outside Dojo Noodle Bar Cambridge
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There are certain things you do in life because it reminds You of a different time and place. Eating at Dojo Noodle Bar in Cambridge is one of those things for me.

Having studied at Cambridge University in the summer of 2001 and eating at Dojo on several occasions, I knew this was one of the best places in town to get good, honest food, with college portions. So when two of my alumni chums visited my wife and I from the US Dojo was one of our first stops on our reminiscent journey of that month long summer semester.

Dojo is situated on Mill Lane, about 50 yards from The Mill, our other local haunt that has just undergone a major and quite frankly, way overdue refurbishment. The wait for a table at Dojo was how it always is, long. With reasonable prices and ginormous plates full of delicious food, Dojo is a haven for broke college kids looking to score a good meal.

On this day though, 11 years after the three of us had studied there, we weren't quite as broke as we used to be and our pockets were slightly weightier, making it possible to actually splurge a little and buy a drink. :) When our table was ready we looked over the large menu and ordered. Within minutes five plates of piping hot Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese noodle dishes were brought out to us.

And oh, it was so good. Just like I remembered. However, I can't say it's the best noodle dishes I've ever eaten. Quite the opposite actually. But for what it is, it seriously fits the bill.

When our plates were sufficiently licked clean and our bellies couldn't take anymore, we started the long journey around the streets of Cambridge to reminds ourselves of how much fun we had all those years ago. A lot has changed in Cambridge. The clothes are trendier and the young people there seem to be too smart for their own good. And I'm not just talking about book smart, I'm talking street smart. Everything is questioned and thought out in almost insane detail.

Cambridge remains one of my favorite places in Europe. And Dojo remains one of my all time favorite restaurants, for good, healthy, inexpensive food that is quite frankly, belt busting.

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