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Talula's Table in Kennett Square: The Restaurant with a One Year Waiting List

Talula's Table,Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,Farm Table,1998 Tenuta dell Ornellaia
Talula's Table,Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,Farm Table,BBQ Shredded Chicken
Talula's Table,Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,Farm Table,Mushroom Tarts with Truffle Honey
Talula's Table,Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,Farm Table,Menu
Talula's Table,Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,Farm Table,Bisque of Maryland Shrimp
Talula's Table,Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,Farm Table,Snail Caesar with Burgundy SnailsTalula's Table,Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,Farm Table,Racelette Gratinee
Talula's Table,Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,Farm Table,Raclette Gratinee
Talula's Table,Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,Farm Table,Virginia Bass
Talula's Table,Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,Farm Table,Pheasant
Talula's Table,Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,Farm Table,Confit of Meadowset Lamb
Talula's Table,Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,Farm Table,Winter Cheese Board
Talula's Table,Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,Farm Table,Milk Chocolate Pudding Tart

"There are two kinds of people who dine at Talula's Table; those that come because it's hard to get into and those that like good food." One of the chefs told me as we sat at the Chef's Table, tucked into the back of the minuscule, but extremely efficient kitchen. We were the latter. Although it's pretty surreal to be eating in a restaurant that has a one year waiting list, we weren't there for that. We were there for the food.

Talula's Table is just that, a table. One long farm table in the middle of the cafe-restaurant-gourmet food shop. However, there are also half a dozen seats in the front of the building where you can take your morning coffee and delight in their uber-delicious cookies, tarts, cakes and macaroons.

When we arrived, it was closed, save for the diners participating in the farm table. We were seated in the front section of the restaurant. The plush corner booth was all that separated us, from them. And I'm glad there was a barrier. As the other diners ushered in, tall, good looking people, designer watches, suits and blazers on full show, looking down at the little people who weren't dining at the farm table that evening, we realized these were clearly the prior. Those that came because it had a one year waiting list.

Within minutes we were brought the first of 3 canapes. Shortly after that we were taken back into the kitchen to meet the chefs and take our seats at the Chef's Table. The meal that ensued will be seared into my mind for a very long time. We dined for over 3 hours on 8 incredibly well thought out dishes. We chatted with the chefs like they were old college buddies. And we took photos in a totally unpretentious environment.

I will not go into every detail of the menu that night. Instead, I have listed it out here:

• Bisque of Hand-Harvested Maryland Shrimp, Shrimp Puppies, and Seafood Andoullie.

• Snail Caesar, Burgundy Snails, Braised Lettuce, Parmesan Crisps, and Garlic Toast.

• Raclette Gratinee, Potatoes, Speck, and Smoked Almonds.

• Virgina Bass, Squash Broth, Wild Rice Risotto, and Brown Butter Vinaigrette.

• Tender Pheasant, Sauerkraut and Apples, Riesling Sauce.

• Confit of Meadowset Lamb, Ribbony Rosemary Noodles, Sourdough Breadcumbs and Sheep's Milk Ricotta.

• Winter Cheese and Cottage Condiments from Vermont.

• Milk Chocolate Pudding Tarts, Banana Brulee and Dogfish Rum Sauce.

Although each and every dish was mouth watering, we all preferred the Confit of Meadowset Lamb over anything else. The Pasta that rested beneath the Lamb was stunning and the Lamb itself was mind-blowing. Not a dish for those that can't handle intense, deep concentrated flavors. If there was one dish that could have been eliminated without thought, it would have been the Virginia Bass. However, if everything else had not been so ultra-delicious, I wouldn't even mention it. But when compared to the other dishes, this lacked depth.

One could take any of the dishes listed above and write a dense review of it. Dissecting every gastronomic molecule. Let us just say, that Talula's Table is doing it right. In every way possible. My highest recommendation.

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  1. This is a great post. Your pictures are as amazing and beautiful as the food.

  2. Angel Bunnies,

    Thank you very much. Sweet of you to say!