Tuesday, January 25, 2011

La Teresita Restaurant, Tampa: A True Taste of Cuba

La Teresita Restaurant,Tampa,Malta
La Teresita Restaurant,Tampa,Fried Platains
La Teresita Restaurant,Tampa,Ham Croquette
La Teresita Restaurant,Tampa,Yellow Rice
La Teresita Restaurant,Tampa,Ox Tail in Sauce
La Teresita Restaurant,Tampa,Puerco Asado
La Teresita Restaurant,Tampa,Cuban Sandwich
I don't pretend to know much about Cuban food. I probably know as much, or less, than most of you reading this. Thankfully, there's not a lot to know. Cuban food is built on simplicity. Which, for this food blogger, is a welcome respite from my often uber-fantastic, ultra-expensive restaurant reviews. Like Mexican food, Cuban food is best when it's served as it is served in its native country. That is, in a street stall, or in the case of La Teresita in Tampa, in a cafe style bar. The restaurant was humming with locals, mostly sitting alone on the high bar stools, eating their lunch and staring at all the tourists entering and exiting. Most of them probably had no idea what they just had, or how lucky they were to eat there.

Sitting at the bar made for terrible photos. Not just because everyone was looking at me like some gringo they'd like to kill and shred up into little pieces that would later go into the the deep fryer, but also because it was crowded and messy up there. This is not a very clean restaurant. Keep that in mind and don't blame me if you go and are expecting something it isn't.

After trying to speak our best Spanglish, we finally got one of only a handful of proper tables, near a window. Ordering was fairly easy. And within literally three minutes we had a mountain of food served to us, along with a Malta. A sort of fizzy, sugary, malty, molasses drink. Which by the way, I will never drink again.

With so much food on the table I found it very hard to choose which to dive into first. So... I simply went around the table and took small forkfuls of everything. With no particular plan of attack. I just ate! My Rabo Encendido, Ox Tail in Sauce, served with Yucca and Frijoles Negros, Black Beans, was one of the most tender pieces of meat I've ever eaten. Using only a fork I made short work of it. Tender, spicy and gloriously hearty. The Yucca had too much garlic in it for me, but was tasty all the same. And the Black Beans, were just Black Beans. We've all had them a million times. There was nothing special about them.

There was something special about my wife's Puerco Asado, Roast Pork. It was equally as good as the Ox Tail. It too, was so tender a knife was only there to scoop sauce, meat and onions onto our fork. Her Croqueta de Jamón, Ham Croquettes, were outstanding. And so were her Plátanos Fritos, Fried Plantains. In fact, the Fried Plantains were my favorite side dish. They were sweet and terribly flavorful. And lastly, Simple Foodie's Sandwich Cubano. I'm not going to translate that for you because if you're reading this blog, you have some food knowledge and know what that is. This part of the meal was a let down. Simple Foodie accidentally answered yes when our waiter asked us in Spanish if he'd like the Sandwich to be... well, more American. That isn't what he said, but in Spanish that's what it meant. And because he answered yes, his Cuban Sandwich came with Lettuce and Tomato, which to me, is a giant NO, NO in Cuban Sandwiches. And it altered it to the point where it wasn't enjoyable.

The bill for all of this food came to about $35 with tip. Which was perhaps the best thing about this incredible, simple, authentic Cuban restaurant. You can have all of your Gastro-Cubano joints like Cuba Libre in Philadelphia, and Alma de Cuba, also in Philadelphia. Give me the Cuban food that the Cuban people actually eat. Because $40 for an entree at Alma de Cuba is simply robbery and not something this foodie ever intends to partake in.

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  1. Perhaps Pickie Foodie shall accompany you next time...if only to advise you gringos how terrible Malta is.

    Pickie Foodie
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