Thursday, June 25, 2009

Perrin and Fils: Vinsobres Les Cornuds

Perrin et Fils Vinsobres
I have spent a lot of time looking for an everyday-wine that is both exceptional in quality and inexpensive in price. Haven't we all? I thought I had it nailed down quite a few times, only to be bored very quickly. I tried many, many wines in my search. Wines from all over the world: California, France, Australia, Spain, Argentina (not the biggest Malbec fan) and I finally found my perfect everyday-wine in a Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits store in Media, PA. What attracted me to this wine at first was the price, it was on sale for $12.99. And then I noticed who the winemaker was, it was Perrin & Fils, the family who owns and runs Chateau de Beaucastel and its baby brother, Coudoulet de Beaucastel. Two of my favorite wines.

After trying the Vinsobres, I went back and bought another six bottles. At $12.99 it's not the most inexpensive wine I've ever had. And although it doesn't break the bank, there are cheaper wines out there which can be tolerated and to some degree, enjoyed. But they are hard to find and I don't really see the point anymore. I would rather have one bottle of fantastic wine, once a week, rather than a bottle of mediocre wine three times a week. If that wine can be had for a good price, then I'm a happy guy. There are some terrific values out there if you look hard enough and dare to stray outside of your comfort zone. Wines like: Chateau Pesquie Les Terrasses, Twenty Rows Cabernet, Lodi Vineyard's Petite Petit, Molly Dooker Two Left Feet, and there are many more. These are just a few of my favorites. Can you tell I like big wines? But I also like finesse and that has been the trick for me. How do you pack big fruit into a bottle and still have it come out with all the gorgeous nuances that make a special wine special and for under $20?

I think Perrin & Fils answered that question with their Vinsobres. The nose on this wine is packed with condensed cherry syrup and blackberry reduction. It's not overly powerful though. The mouth is silky smooth with big, robust flavors of black currant, cherry and coffee. And the finish is nice and long. It has the appearance of being a big, thick, rich wine, but it comes off much more elegant than that. Wine Spectator rated the 2006 91 points and it deserves every one of them. All of Perrin & Fils grapes are grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. They don't have the organic designation on the label, but are basically organically grown.

I don't know if the PA Wine Stores are still having a sale on the Vinsobres, but I hope so. This is a great effort, from a great family of winemakers.

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  1. Just ordered this wine, good to know it`s not a total miss then..
    Cheers,from Finland!